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Meet Kelly

Kelly Ewins is a Passionate blogger from Philadelphia on a mission to inspire and empower people to realize that even though life may bring tough challenges that can shift you into a state of feeling unmotivated and stagnant, you can rise above it!


  In 2015 after surviving Breast Cancer Kelly realized how short life really was and decided she’d write to all of her friends around the globe to tell them to stop waiting, seek after their Purpose and start doing the things in their lives that they’ve always dreamed about.


Her message is to inspire you to be unstoppable and begin taking steps to live the life you've always wanted. Kelly’s mission is to share her personal story and stories of others that inspire in hopes that it will in turn remind you that there’s an amazingly blessed life that God has waiting for all of us and all that we do is go and get it!


Keep coming back to her blog if you want to watch her live and create her life right before your eyes as she encourages you to live it out with her-

Mind, Body and Spirit.